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Here you can find frequently asked questions and answers.

Can I turn off emergency warnings?

Emergency alerts have several levels. It is not possible to turn off alerts about the most serious incidents. For less serious incidents, it is possible to opt out of alerts. You can do this by changing the alert settings on your mobile phone.

Will I receive emergency alerts if I am abroad?

You will not receive emergency alerts for Norway when you are abroad.

If you use your mobile phone with a Norwegian SIM card abroad, you can receive Cell Broadcast notifications from the country’s authorities, if you are in a country that has activated this service and your phone supports this type of notification.


Why are only 4G and 5G supported?

Norway has extensive coverage for 4G and will also have good 5G coverage. The 2G network is being used less and less for mobile telephony and there are plans to phase this out in a few years.


How will I receive warnings if I do not have a mobile telephone?

Emergency alerts via mobile telephones are a supplement to other types of public warning systems. In a crisis situation, information will be given via news media/traditional media, radio and social media. In the event of major and serious incidents, normal warning systems can also be used.

Which language will emergency alerts be in?

Emergency alerts will be sent out in Norwegian and English. The language settings on your phone determine which language is displayed.


Can I (or my child/others) opt out of receiving emergency alerts?

It is not possible to opt out of receiving emergency alterts at the highest level. These will be used if the authorities believe the alerts can save people’s lives and health. For the lower alert levels, it is possible to change the alert settings yourself. This can be done in the mobile phone’s settings.


Will I receive Emergency Alerts if I do not have coverage?

Emergency Alerts are sent over the 4G and 5G networks. If you do not have coverage, or only have 2G coverage, you will not be able to receive  Emergency Alerts. In Norway, there is approximately equal 4G and 2G coverage.


If my mobile operator has problems with coverage, can I then receive Emergency Alerts via other operators’ networks?

If your mobile operator does not have coverage, you cannot receive Emergency Alerts via another operator. To ensure enhanced preparedness, the Norwegian Communications Authority (NKOM) recommends that family members have subscriptions from differing mobile operators.


Are all mobile operators ready to send out Emergency Alerts?

Yes. ICE, Telia and Telenor are now ready to broadcast Emergency Alerts over their mobile networks.


If I have a prepaid card, will I receive Emergency Alerts?

Yes. Mobile phone users with prepaid cards will receive Emergency Alerts in the same way as other subscribers.


Will users with foreign SIM cards receive Emergency Alerts in Norway?

Yes. Visitors using the Norwegian mobile networks will receive Emergency Alerts in the same way as Norwegian subscribers. If the mobile phone is set up in a language other than Norwegian, they will receive Emergency Alerts in both Norwegian and English.


Will customers with priority subscriptions receive Emergency Alerts when they are guests on a different mobile network?

Yes, they will. They will be notified via the network on which they are a guest.



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