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Which incidents will you be warned about?

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Photo: Johnér

Emergency alerts will be used to notify the public about serious or emergency incidents that can be a threat to life and health.

An emergency alert can be national, regional, or local.

Examples of incidents:

  • Extreme weather threatening life and health
  • Radioactive emissions
  • Mass terrorist attacks
  • Attacks on Norway/threat of war

If an incident should occur and an emergency alert is sent out, you can also receive updates if the situation changes and when the danger is over.

Alert levels

Emergency alert has several alert levels. To receive emergency alerts about the most serious incidents, no action is required. It is not possible to opt out of emergency alerts at this level.

National warning system tests are sent at the highest danger level. This is to make the population familiar with the experience of receiving an Emergency Alert, and to ensure that the system functions as intended. The test alert will be clearly marked as a test. 

The authorities will inform about planned tests in advance. Dates of planned emergency warning tests are also available at www.emergencyalert.no.

For less serious incidents and for technical tests, it is possible to opt out. You can do this under the settings on your mobile phone.

We recommend that you keep the default settings where reception of important messages/important information is turned on and reception of notifications at test level is turned off.

Technical tests are not intended for the public. We recommend that you keep test notifications switched off, as these may be unnecessarily distracting.

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