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How the Emergency Alert System works

Hand holding a mobile with example text
Photo: Colourbox/illustration

Emergency alerts are sent out via the mobile telephone network, to all mobile telephones in a defined area.

Alerts will be received and displayed on mobile telephones that are:

  • Switched on
  • Connected to the mobile telephone network (4G/5G)
  • Compatible (updated with required software) to receive Emergency Alert 

What does an emergency alert look like?

An emergency alert is comprised of a text message that will take priority on your phone. If your phone supports text-to-speech, you can have the message read out loud. An emergency alert is not the same as an ordinary text message.

When you receive an emergency alert, your telephone will vibrate and play a loud sound – regardless of whether you are on a call, have your phone in silent mode or similar.

The text in the warning will be in Norwegian or English, depending on the language settings on your phone. Some mobile phones will display the warning text in both Norwegian and English.


How to find previous alerts on your phone

All emergency alerts can be read at emergencyalert.no.

To find a previous alert on your phone, follow these instructions.

iPhone: You can see previous emergency alerts under notifications on your phone. From the Lock Screen, swipe up from the middle of the screen. From any other screen, swipe down from the centre of the top of your screen.

Read more about managing notifications (Apple support).

Android: Search for Emergency alerts, select Wireless emergency alerts. Here you will find a list of previouly received emergency alerts. 

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