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What do the advice mean?

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An emergency alert contains information about what is happening and what you should do to protect yourself. Here are examples of advice that can be given.

«Seek information and follow advice from the authorities»

An emergency alert informing you to seek information and follow advice from the authorities is a general warning that can be given in the event of several types of incidents.

In practice, this warning means that you should seek information from sources you can trust. These can be for example newspapers, radio stations, news desks, family/friends or persons of authority.

NRK Radio P1 is the preparedness channel that will safeguard the provision of information to the public, also if other news media and public websites are not available. NRK can also interrupt programmes with important messages to the public on all NRK radio channels.

Remember that crisis situations are difficult to follow, and some can have a self-interest in spreading incorrect information. Therefore you should pay special attention to ensure you receive information from reliable sources.

«Close doors, windows and air vents, switch off ventilation and remain indoors»

To reduce the chance of being exposed to hazardous substances, you can be advised to remain indoors and to close all windows, doors and air vents. This type of warning can be relevant in the event of radioactive radiation, toxic smoke, gas or similar.

«Seek shelter now»

The advice to a safe place of shelter can be given in the event of a range of different incidents. What the advice actually means in practice will depend on the situation. In some cases, it can mean that you must quickly get away from a place, or it can mean that you should get quickly indoors (with closed windows and doors).

In the event of an aerial attack, you should seek shelter as quickly as possible. If there are no air-raid shelters close by, you can for example seek shelter in a basement, cast concrete stairwell or a room in the middle of a building (avoid windows).


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